Andy Muñiz Colón

Development Director

Andy Muñiz holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial management from the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech). His experience as sales and marketing vicepresident in the banking area of Puerto Rico qualify him to lead the development department in order to contribute economically and socially to the island’s education.

Alma Mater: Georgia Tech

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Yamira Flores Rodríguez

Program Director

Convinced that education is a right and not a privilege, she found in Kinesis a new commitment in Puerto Rican talented public school students who don’t dare to dream anymore. She studied public relations and Advertising at the School of Communications from the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus. Yamira also completed graduate studies in community action agency in Argentina. She is the connecting thread and practical framework between the multiple programs and Kinesis’ vision of an education “without social barriers.”

Alma Mater: Universidad de Puerto Rico

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Anahí Lazarte Morales

Communications Director

Anahí holds a bachelor’s degree in public communications and journalism from the School of Communications at the University of Puerto Rico and a master’s in communications from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She was news director at Radio Universidad de Puerto Rico and development and marketing director at a nonprofit school in Chicago. She loves creating stories that motivate people to get involved and become agents of change.

Alma Mater: Universidad de Puerto Rico/University of Illinois at Chicago.

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Alex Figueroa

IT Academy Director

Alex Figueroa is an educator with more than 10 years of experience as a technology teacher. He has a degree in information systems from the University of Puerto Rico and is currently pursuing a master’s in business administration at Sacred Heart University. His mission is to develop students with strong skills in diverse technologies so that they can be competitive students and professionals.

Alma Mater: University of Puerto Rico

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Maribel Vázquez

Continued Education Director

With a bachelor’s degree in primary education and a master’s in public health education, Maribel has over 30 years of teaching experience. She believes strongly in collaboration, family support and Kinesis’ programs as a way to empower our youth to develop life skills and academic skills that will help them reach their potential.

Alma Mater: Universidad de Puerto Rico

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Isabel Soto

Scholarship Director

Isabel has an MBA in International Business from American University in Washington, DC. She brings to Kinesis over eight years of experience in university admission, financial aid and veteran’s benefits, helping talented students and their families get the best education at an affordable price.

Alma Mater: Universidad del Sagrado Corazón/American University

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Yanira García Delbrey

Bright Stars Director

Yanira is a licensed counselor with over 10 years of experience is currently working on a doctoral dissertation. She supports Kinesis Foundation in all matters related to college counseling and coordinates services for Bright Stars students in grades 10 and 11.

Alma Mater: Universidad de Puerto Rico

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Alexandra Urrutia

College Support Coordinator & Psychologist

Alexandra believes in college and emotional education as ways to transform society. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Loyola University in New Orleans and a master’s in psychology from the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico.

Alma Mater: Loyola University, New Orleans

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Kate C. Cheung

Development Assistant & Alumni Coordinator

Kate Cheung earned a BS in Communication and Rhetorical Studies from Syracuse University. As the Alumni Relations Coordinator, Kate Cheung works towards fulfilling Kinesis’ commitment to help alumni in their professional development.

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Ivonne Román

School Alliances and Bright Stars Coordinator

Ivonne has a master’s degree in counseling and has experience as a teacher and a licensed counselor. She coordinates services for Bright Stars students in grades 7 through 9, preparing them on their road to college. She is also our main contact with school alliances.

Alma Mater: Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico, San Germán

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Mayra Prats

Mayra Prats

College Adviser & Bright Stars Coordinator

With a bachelor’s degree in arts, linguistics and English from the University of Puerto Rico, Mayra manages services for Bright Stars students in 12th grade. She wants to help seniors reach their goals. She experiences her students’ achievements and frustrations as if they were her own. At Kinesis, she hopes to get more students to take on the challenge, dare to dream and access the best education that will lead Puerto Rico’s future.

Alma Mater: Universidad de Puerto Rico

ext. 237;

Norma Soler

College Adviser

Norma Soler works as college adviser in our Bright Stars Program. With a bachelor’s from the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus and over ten years of experience in this field, she helps 11th and 12th grade high school students with individualized guidance throughout their college selection process, including college admission tests, and university applications.

Ismavette Cotto

Scholarship Coordinator

Ismavette holds a degree in communications from Sacred Heart University and an MBA from the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico. She’s the link between Kinesis and our scholars. Ismavette wants to be part of the change that Puerto Rico needs. She believes in investing in human capital to achieve a true transformation.

Alma Mater: Universidad del Sagrado Corazón

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Sasha Marcano

Campus Bright Stars Coordinator

Sasha holds a bachelor’s degree in community education from Goddard College in Vermont and is currently completing a master’s at the University of Puerto Rico. With almost a decade of experience in education, she is passionate about working with youth in disadvantaged communities, social justice and cultural development through our Afro Puerto Rican roots. At Kinesis, she wants help make the dream of a transformational education come true for talented students.

Alma Mater: Goddard College

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Patricia Collado

Communications & Social Media Coordinator

With a bacherlor’s degree in communications from the University of Puerto Rico, Patricia has six years of experience in the field. As part of the Kinesis team, she wants to help Puerto Rican youth find their passion –just like she did– and reach their academic goals. She is currently completing a master’s degree in public relations at Sacred Heart University. She writes for the blog and manages our social media.

Alma Mater: Universidad de Puerto Rico

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